Monday, March 26, 2012

Leadbolt Ads

I didn't mention it in change log, but I am testing a new ad in checklist. Well, it comes in addition to banner ads, but it's much less intrusive than those.

You'll find a new menu item, "Top apps", which will show you an "app wall", with a selection of apps from Leadbolt. (yeah !! could post my referral link !! :D)

I hope it won't disturb you much (well, that's just one more menu item after all...), but also I hope it will make you discover other interesting apps.

edit : I renamed this menu item "Top apps" to a more accurate title "Free apps"

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Checklist update : cloud functionality !

it was hard, but finally I managed to release a new major version of Checklist. Great new feature : store your checklists on the cloud. I'm going to be a bit lazy and paste the change log :

* now create your checklists in the cloud ! At the moment, limited to one checklist per user. Still beta testing, so please be forgiving and don't hesitate to report bugs * cloud checklists are shown in blue, italic font on main screen
* share your cloud checklist with friends, get synchronized with them to execute your to do list !
* cloud checklists have some limitations for now
* use your Google account to connect to the cloud
* of course, you still can use this app like before without taking care of cloud functionality
* added "About" dialog box with my mail, my blog and my apps
* added this change log, thanks to Karsten Priegnitz ;)
* Replaced the menu item "New" with a button to add checklists. you can restore previous behavior with an option in settings menu.

I hope this cloud ability will be useful, and I'm curious to see how it will be appreciated (or not)
This app uses Google app engine to store your data, and I'll write soon a confidentiality declaration (it will be very simple : your data will NOT be shared or communicated to anyone without your explicit agreement).

Google app engine gave me some hard time, and I anticipate some bugs with that, but I'll fix them as soon as possible.

At the moment, only free version has been updated with cloud functionality. of course, it will be updated too within some days

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Android comments

I will soon remove user comments from my blog. Well, not the comments directly posted there, but the ones I was copying from Android market and pasting in appropriate app page, here on my blog.

I'm starting to have much comments for app "CheckList", and it's making much to scroll. I'll rather post a message here if I see a comment on market awaiting an answer from me.

Also, not much people must have noticed it, but I removed one of my app from market, Expiry reminder. I had less than 100 downloads and no feedback, and I didn't have time to improve it or even write user guide... I prefer to concentrate on my other apps.

Talking about other apps, I'm getting close to a new release of Checklist ;)