Why this app

The "checklist" app is my first try with development tools for Android.

There are much other apps like it, which have more functionalities, but I wanted it to be very easy to use.

Two versions are available :
  • Free, ad-supported
  • Paid, without ads, for 0.99$
Both have the same functionalities for now (and no difference between them is planned for now).

How to use it

The first screen show the list of checklists :

You can create, copy, rename or delete the checklists. Don't forget the "long touch" to pop context menu ! (by pressing an item 2 seconds).

Touch a checklist to see its content

Use the upper text field and button "Add" to add items. Previously entered items will be proposed with the drop down list.

Use menu to delete or reorder items :

Todo list
  • Add quantity of items done/not done for each checklist on the first screen (done)
  • Make easier to sort items (done)
  • Allow to reorder checklist like the items, and not sort it automatically (done)
  • Erase text area when entering text with voice (?)
  • Widget (done)
  • Sub-checklists
  • Update screenshots on this page... they're outdated !
  • Find a way to lock the checklist, to avoid unwanted items moves (done)
  • Try a smaller font.(done)
  • Change checkbox
  • Add possibility to change color of checked items
  • Add possibility to create folders to organize checklist
  • Add possibility to modify the word list in the auto complete text box

Comments from users

by Jamie (October 6, 2011) 4/5
Pretty good for what it does: You make your checklist, and tick 'em once you've completed each thing!
Thank you
by Thiagoogle (October 4, 2011) 5/5
Rox Simples e funcional. X10
Thank you
by David (September 15, 2011) 5/5
I do a certain number of things each day and score each day. This is perfect for me.
Thank you
by Felis (September 12, 2011) 4/5
Bare bones checklist app with no bells and whistles, which is exactly what I need. Works great on SGS.
Thank you
by Sabrina (September 9, 2011) 4/5
Used to work well but since the last update I sometimes can't open my lists any more, and without them the app is entirely useless. Nexus S
 This problem has been fixed. Sorry for inconvenience.
by NTwoO (August 9, 2011) 5/5
Perfect app! Nice and simple. Using tabs to group sections in the import would be a nice feature.
 Thank you
by Jim (July 31, 2011) 1/5
It was great top notch app until last update - now I can't get in - all it does is forclose. It is totally useless now. HELP - I NEED MY LIST!
Please email me for such issues !! I can't help you if I can't contact you or if I don't receive error reports !!
by ki (July 30, 2011) 3/5
Great..wish there was a way to change font size and checkbox colors.
I'll do something for font size. And for checkbox colors... hm I don't know yet, there are more important mods to do first. You don't like actual ones ?
by Steven (July 19, 2011) 4/5
I love it. However it has an error everytime I try to export
Error on export can have several possible causes. What is the error message ? Please send me details by mail.
by Jason (July 5, 2011) 4/5
Perfect in everyway except it would be nice if it was easier to scroll rather than when you go to scroll it moves things out of order, & smaller fonts
Yes I had noticed that too. I've updated the todo list.
by Vina (June 24, 2011) 5/5
Very useful i use it every time i shop......awesome
Thank you.
by Daniel (June 17, 2011) 2/5
Werbung, nicht wie in den Screenshots
Das ist richtig. Ich update die Screenshots.
by Marcos (June 15, 2011) 5/5
O Mais completo APP de CHECKLIST do Market Bem Simples, mas ao mesmo tempo funcional! o melhor Checklist do Market!! Parabéns aos desenvolvedores!!!
 Muito obrigado !
by Gavin (May 17, 2011) 3/5
Great checklist app, simple to use and exactly what one needs to check things off. Only one problem I see, a bit glitchy when sliding items around.
Well I didn't see graphical glitches with sliding... but I have only one phone and an emulator to perform my tests. That would be nice if you could precise what device you have, or your screen size.
by Gyula (May 7, 2011) 5/5
Nagyon jó, egyszerűen kezelhető.
Huh couldn't find which language your are speaking :s
But thank you :) 
by paul (May 5, 2011) 5/5
Very simple.just what I've been looking for.
Thank you.
by ilio (April 24, 2011) 4/5
Semplice e completa.atteso il widget.galaxy s
 Grazie. Un widget è atteso a breve.
by Nathan (April 23, 2011) 3/5
There are two things to be fixed first when you use the voice button it should erase what you all ready typed. Second you should be able to post more.
I've add the first thing to the todo list. But what you mean about "posting more" ?
edit : well, I tried, and when you use the voice button, it does erase the text already typed.. Do you still have this issue ?
by OPIE (April 23, 2011) 2/5
Checklist should not auto arrange itself. Trying to make one for each day in order and it changes. Should slide to order like the checked items do.
I didn't think about using my app this way. But you're right, and I've add this mod to the todo list above.
by Grasshopper (April 16, 2011) 5/5
Great li'l app. Sorting feature is nice! (Droid2)
Thank you

by Andrew (April 2, 2011) 4/5
Works great on HTC wildfire
Thank you.

by Thany (March 28, 2011) 5/5 (paid version)
Works just great. I love the no-nonsense stuff :)
Thank you.
by Sabrina (February 12, 2011) 5/5
Funktioniert. Schön die Möglichkeit mehrerer listen.
Danke ;)
Ich werde versuchen, jemanden für die deutsche Übersetzung finden 

by Richard (February 6, 2011) 4/5
Very simple (not in a bad way) and quick, just not what I need to keep track of my comics.
Thank you.
by Thany (January 28, 2011) 4/5
Does what I need it to do and very little more. Great!
Thank you .
by John (January 23, 2011) 4/5
Needs a way to backup list
I'm not sure to understand. You can already make a checklist copy with contextual menu on first screen. Or maybe you need to make backup to SD Card ? If you ever read this blog, please leave a comment there, or send me mail !
by Eric (January 18, 2011) 4/5
Nice app, works well. Like.Eric@HTC Desire
Thank you.
by Grasshopper (January 15, 2011) 5/5
Great li'l app. Hey Thany--Move up/Move Down commands sorts the items. A bit klugy, but it works to sort each item! (Droid2)
Thank you. And your comment is right. But since them I have add the drag and drop feature on item list ;)     
by Lawrence (December 16, 2010) 5/5
Simple, just as advertised. A+ app
Thank you.     
by Wendy (December 6, 2010) 4/5
To those who can't find the delete option like I couldn't, you hold down on the one you want to delete and a menu will pop up with a delete option.
Yes, seems some people forget to use contextual menu with long touch. But I didn't find a better place for this option.     
by Chris (November 28, 2010) 3/5
Needs a delete option
Try a long touch on any item or checklist ;)
by Sendhil Manian (November 26, 2010) 5/5
Good and a simple app.
Thank you for the first comment on my first app :)


  1. The possibility of adding a sub-checklist in a checklist would be great

  2. Hello and thank you for the first comment on my blog ! :)
    I just saw it today, that's why I answer so late.

    I will think about how to add this feature, as I want this app to be as easy to use as possible.
    Anyway I add it to my todo list.

  3. I would like to know there the "cloud" checklist are store ? Is it link to my google account or a private server ?

    Thx for the nice app !

    1. Could checklists are stored on Google's servers, "Google App Engine"

      So it's different than being linked with your Google account, and the answer to your question is nearer to "private server" than "google account", if we take into account I have the possibility to take a look at cloud checklists.

      By the way, I still have to publish a confidentiality declaration about this, and it will be quite restrictive, something like this : I will not analyze users data, will not transmit to third party, and I will not read or modify it without the user explicit and written agreement (in order to solve some problem for example).

      Oh and i really need to update this page, is very outdated now ;(

    2. Thx for the quick response ! and Thanks for the application

  4. Confused - screen shots show sorting by A-Z, but can't seem to find on recent DL app. Is this still available, and if so, how do I access from app?

  5. Something I can't seem to figure out... A checklist that's marked "in the cloud", where exactly does it go? How do I access the checklist from my computer?

  6. Do you plan to synchonize with google drive ou google keep ? Manage lists from net will be great.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Can I import a checklist from one device to another? What is the purpose of the export function since there is no import function?
    Thanks and Happy Holidays.

  9. Is there another way we can get checklist? It is no longer on the play store