Inventory Manager

Why this app

Who don't have a small food or drugs reserve. Can't remind what you have in your "stock" when you're at supermarket ? You always let your food reserve expire before consuming it ? Then you'll need that app

There are two versions of this app :
  • Lite, ad supported, limited to 15 different product types, and 3 locations. You can enter as much items as you want, provided there are only 15 different. This may be enough for most users.
  • Full, no limitations and no ads.

Screens below come from the lite version.

How to use it

Well, after a fresh install, and having validate the End User license agreement you have carefully read (don't you ?), this app will show this dialog box :

It means that you must configure locations before being able to enter some products.

Let's hit the menu key, and choose the "location" menu item (the menu "Products won't be useful in a first time) :

Let's add some locations with the big button "new". An editor screen popsand you can type the location name and a comment. One you have entered some locations they appear there :

If you want to remove some location, use contextual menu with a "long touch" on the location to remove.

Now, back to the main screen. You now want to add products in your inventory. Hit button scan :

This will call the zxing barcode scanner screen. if it's not installed yet, it will be asked you to install it :

Press "yes", of course, else you can't use my app :(

Once you have successfully scanned a barcode, the app checks its local product database, and see it doesn't exists. You are then asked to enter the product name :

Leave the checkbox checked if the product has an expiry date. Once validated, you can now insert new item in inventory :

 The button "scan" is greyed : it's ok because we just scanned the product before.
Choose the expiry date printed on the product you are adding to inventory. If the day number isn't specified, just select the last day of the month. If the month isn't specified either, select December 31st of the expiry year.

The expiry date will be automatically set, when arriving on this screen, to the latest date of this product in the database. if it's a new product (like in the example), the current date is selected.

The batch number is optional. But it may be useful is there is any product recall from the producer.

If you want to enter several items with same product code, same batch number and same expiry date, you can modify the quantity.

Choose the location where you want to store your products. By default, the location containing the most of similar products will be selected.

Hit button OK. You're now back to main screen :

As you can see, the item we just added has an expiry date inferior to 15 days. So it appears in the main screen.

Long touch on the list item will popup the contextual menu :

You can then take the item out of the inventory, or modify it (but only batch number or expiry date).

Always on main screen, when touching the button "New item entry", you get back to this screen :

This time the listbox and the scan button are active. You can select manually the product type to add in inventory, or scan its barcode.

When you hit button "Take item out", on main screen, you get this :

Well, pick the location from where you want to take out your stuff. You go then to this scren :

Pick a product type, and then :

Just select items to take out and hit OK.

On main screen, the button "View stock" just show the whole inventory.

It's quite basic for now, there's only the contextual menu available for some actions :

More functionalities will come, check the todo list just below.

Todo list
  • Manage the number of units within a product
  • Add shortcut for home screen to get a direct access to product scan
  • Add a widget to see near expiry product directly on home screen.
  • Add filter for inventory visualization
  • Add history screen
  • Show comment in location selector when adding an item
  • Show items with same product, same batch number, same expiry on same line 
  • Backup database to SD 
  • Possibility to modify expiry warning for each product type (default is 15 days for now, and isn't modifiable
  • Connect to some UPC/EAN database for product description
  • Low/over stock thresholds
  • Shopping list modules