Expenses recorder

Why this app

I wanted to build an other tiny app to record my expenses.

There are already much good apps on the market, but they do too much things for my personnal, particular need :
  • Record expenses easily and fast
  • Export them to a text file so I can add them into my money management software on my computer
This app will NOT manage :
  • incomes
  • budget

How to use it

    Like on "Checklist", the first screen is the list of accounts. Use long touch to rename or delete.

     Click on an account to add and see expenses. They are sorted by date and by insert order.

    Clicking button "New expense" pop this screen :

     You can add or remove categories or payment methods by clicking on buttons "+/-". Both are shared between all accounts. You can add additional information in field "Reference". You will mainly use it for check numbers.

    OK, expenses are recorded. And now ?
     Now it is time to export them to a real money management software, on a real computer. I personnaly don't like the idea to manage my money on 4" phone screen. Oh well, ok, tablets are there, but I still prefer my computer for that.

    From 1st screen, use long touch on account to export :

    And click on export. You'll get that alert box :

    All expenses from selected account have been saved in a text file with tabular separators, in the directory shown in message. The file name contains the account name, and current date and hour. You can now send the file to your computer and import it to your favorite money software.

    You can remove expenses by clicking "Yes".

    I didn't test all money softs, so if you have a problem to import your expenses, email me ;)

    Todo list :
    • improve user interface on expense add/edit.
    • send report by mail (done)
    • Option to read latest transactions according to datefrom the top and not having to scroll below. (done)
    • Option to sort transactions according to category
    • Fix description of the transaction to prevent it overlapping amount (done)


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    2. Hi! First, thanks for sharing this app. Second, I am a bit concerned by the fact that one does not even know your name and has no way to trace you apart from this anonymous blog. BH Soft, as you put it, is not a company, has no address, no phone number, but your app has full Internet access from my phone. I don't like that. If you want to stay anonymous, a good alternative would be to offer a paid version (± 1$) with no add and no Internet access.

    3. Hello,

      I understand your point of view. I'm an Android user too, and I have the same interrogations when I install apps on my phone.

      As you have understood as well, Internet access in this app is only for ads, like I wrote in the app description in Android Market. But, well, you have no easy way to see exactly what is really sent to internet.

      However, my app is, like all Android apps, isolated from system. No app can access, for example, to your contacts, or messages, without asking authorization before installation. Well, expenses recorder has read/write access to SD card, so technically it could send the list of your files through the network... it doesn't mean I'm doing that.

      Anyway, I was thinking about releasing an ad-free version (with no internet access of course), but I wanted to improve this app first before proposing to users to pay. But you're not the first to ask for a paid version, so I'll certainly anticipate the release (don't except it next week, I'll be in holidays)