Saturday, January 7, 2012

Inventory Manager "Force Close"

There was a possibility of force close with users who have a large product database. It's fixed now, please update to 3.1

Thanks to the user who send report.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

"Home inventory" becomes "Inventory Manager" & major update

I published 5 minutes ago a new major release of Home Inventory. I published only the free version right now, paid one will be updated tomorrow.

Here's the patch note :
- Low and high stock counts alerts
- Modified expiry and near expiry alerts
- Possibility to change the expiry alert delay (15 days before expiry by default)
- Added product families : use same warning settings for several product codes
- Search option
- Added possibility to show full inventory with filters by location, family and product

Old backups won't be usable anymore, so don't forget to make a new one after update.
 I also add some help messages to help you to understand how this app works. These hints are taking some room, so you may hide them with a new menu "Preferences" in main screen.

I hope all this changes will be appreciated, and much more will come later (but not this month, except for bug fixes of course)

By the way, I renamed this app to "Inventory Manager". It's quite subjective, but I think this new title more appropriate now. French title, "Gestion de stock", wasn't changed.

Let me know your comments, by mail, on the market, on directly on this blog.

PS : happy new year 2012 ! :)