Saturday, February 4, 2012

Inventory manager : too complex ?

I got several (bad) comments from French users, on Inventory Manager Lite. They find it too complex to use. And at the same time, I am asked for more functionalities by other users :/

I'll think about how I could make it easier to use while continuing to bring functionalities. Maybe i should propose basic and advanced mode ?

Anyway, at the moment, I am working on checklist. I should be able to propose some amazing features at the end of this month, maybe beginning of March.


  1. Can you please allow the upc code to be viewed when viewing stock if scanned by barcode. Only thing that keeps this from being the perfect app.

    1. Hello

      From main screen, if you hit button "Scan", and scan a barcode, you see the inventory for the scanned code. Is it the screen you are speaking about ? In this case, we do see the scanned code. Aren't you ?

      Or do you wish to see the product code for each item in "View stock" screen ?

      Please let me know !

  2. Hi, I don't think it is too complex. There are some issues or bugs though. The scan button in the New item entry screen does not work on my phone which is a motorola razr xt910 on ics 4.0.4. I use the barcode scanner app your app suggests. And when viewing the stock and then long pressing an item to modify it I can't change the quantity. That part is a bit unclear how to do..

  3. Yes this button is sometimes grayed out ... Depends if the barcode has already been scanned in a previous screen or not.

    About modifying a quantity, yes it is also grayed out, because you are meant to use the menu "take out units". But well, you're it sounds a bit mysterious. I'll try to change this in a future update.