Sunday, July 31, 2011

Checklist update

I have release this week a new update on checklist. You now have the ability to lock the order of items, so you may not unwillingly modify this order when you just want to scroll a checklist.

But I saw today this comment from Jim on Android Market :

It was great top notch app until last update - now I can't get in - all it does is force close. It is totally useless now. HELP - I NEED MY LIST!
Please, please, PLEASE, don't use the market to report such bugs, email me instead !!! I didn't have receive any error reports, and all my tests are OK ! I have NO WAY to contact you to ask questions about this bug ! How am I supposed to help you ???


  1. Hi,

    you said to email you, but I can't see where you put your email on?
    There's no on Android market and none here either

  2. Hello,

    At first I didn't believe your comment. I checked again in Android Market app from my phone, and my mail is shown (and I have already been contacted by several users about my apps).

    But then I took a look at the online market at and... developper mail isn't shown there ! I am very surprised about this. Did google forget this detail ?

    Thank you for your comment, I'll fix that now !