Saturday, March 26, 2011

File import/export in checklist

I have add today the functionalitty to import and export checklist in the checklist app.

Use menu item on main screen to import a checklist. It must be a text file containing the items on separate lines. Don't try to import .doc or .odt, it won't work (it won't crash either).

To export a checklist :
  • Either use context menu with a long touch on main screen
  • Or go into a checklist, and touch menu item "export".
Files will be exported in a directory "checklist" on sdcard.


  1. Thank you!!!!!!!!!! It's so hard to find a list / checklist app with an import function. I have a long list of file names that I had a program export from a list of videos that I would like to watch and study from. It's however difficult to remember which was the last one I viewed. I have been looking for an app like this and am so glad I found yours. I looked a couple of months ago, but didn't find any. Yet today I type into Google the following: android app checklist import and this entry was the fourth result.

    Finally I was able to do what I wanted.

    Now, I have a list of suggestions:

    1) Add an option to import the first line of the text file as the name of the list, and with the preference of either importing that line into the list or not.

    2) An option to delete blank entries / lines in the checklist. Mine has them because I put them in the txt file, but I actually like them there because it separates things for me, but I am sure some people would not want them there.

    3) The exporting program that I used to export file names, put 1.10 before 1.2, which technically is correct, but I wanted the file names to be treated like how windows does, with 1.2 first and 1.10 last. I see that there is an option to move an entry up or down, but it would be nice if there is an option to move an entry to the end of the list and to the top of the list.

    4)An option to specify how many lines of the list name and of the list contents are displayed. Right now it's only two and the names I have are very long, and most start off the same, so I can't see much.

    4b) Now that I think about more, also, an option to delete a particular word from each list entry. So, if a list's contents are 1. Food > Rice 2. Food > Carrots, etc., one can tell the program to delete the word Food from all the list entries and also an option to choose if case should matter in the search.

    And finally, you need to mention the word import or imports in your description and as keywords on the marketplace, because I am sure there are many others that are looking for an app that does importing, and right now, yours does not come up for searches on the marketplace for such terms as list import, checklist import, the reverse of those two phrases, import txt files, etc.

    1. For suggestion number three, if it can be more than one entry, that also would be nice.

    2. It's me again. With regards to option 2 (the option to not have blank lines imported or to remove them), I have noticed that if one exports a list with blank lines and then imports it, though the txt file of the exported list shows the blank lines, no blank lines are imported. I copied and pasted the contents of the exported file in Microsoft Word and turned on reveal formatting, and also did the same for the original file, and I see that the exported file is formatted differently.

      Also, I forgot to mention earlier, that if one tries to rename a list with a name that already exists for another list, nothing happens. It would be nice if one would get a message telling them that the name already exists.

    3. I just decided to use the lock items order option, and now much more words of my list entries are displayed.

      I don't know if developers are able to respond to comments on the marketplace, but if they can, you really should respond to the paid version comments of your app because locking the items order takes care of two problems that Jason complained about: 1) Not moving lists so easily while scrolling (well, a list's entries, as I see there is no option to lock the order of lists, which it looks like it was this the reviewer might have been referring to), and 2) allowing one to see more of his/her list (he wanted the ability to change the font size to accomplish this; if he was referring to the names of the lists, well, this also doesn't fix that).

  2. Hello :)

    I'm glad my app pleases to you, and thank you for your purchase.
    I'll study your suggestions, there's much to read ! :)

    But for now, I'm planning to add a great functionality on checklist, and I wish to finish what I'm doing before working on your suggestions.

    About comments on market, no, there's no possibility for developers to answer them ... and they can't either contact people who posted them. I consider this is a big issue, and that's one of the reasons why I opened this blog.